Sunday, January 8, 2012

December 2011 Favorites!!

Another month has flown by, and that means it's time for more monthly favorites! I know a lot of girls right now are doing "Best of 2011" videos and posts, but since 95% of my makeup is in storage, there's really no way for me to do one :(

Oh well! Here are the products that I have been loving this past month!

Face: These products have been essential to me over the past month. My skin is starting to really improve because of my Clarisonic, but I still need long-lasting, full coverage to help conceal all of the hyper-pigmentation and scarring left-over from all of my breakouts!     
~MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation: I have been using this day-to-day. I love the coverage and natural matte finish of this foundation!  ~Smashbox Studio Skin foundation: This is my "special occasion" foundation! It has VERY full coverage and doesn't budge, and can be layered to provide and absolutely flawless look!                 ~MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: This is my favorite thing to set my foundation. It can be pressed into the skin with a wedge for extreme coverage, or lightly dusted on with a powder brush for day-to-day wear!Nails: I went a little crazy with nails this past month, and I probably could've shown 3 or 4 more polishes that I wore throughout the month, but these are the ones that I wore the most!~OPI "Just Tea-sing": This is a very sheer, light, creamy brown that looks like tea with lots of creamer! It can be worn really sheer to give a glossy natural look to nails or layered to create a more opaque nude look.                              ~Zoya "Uli" : This is another beautiful, warm nude color, but this one has the added effect of fine, gold shimmer. This looks gorgeous for an understated nude look with just a touch of something special.  ~China Glaze "CG in the City": This is a dark glitter polish that can be layered over black or grey polish or worn alone. It is PACKED with glitter, which I love, and looks edgy and girly all at the same time!                                                               ~debborah lippmann "Happy Birthday": An amazing, chunky, rainbow glitter polish that is just full of different color glitters. This can be layered over many different colors to create lots of effects. Miscellaneous: I have also been loving a few lip products and "corrective" products this month too! Also, thanks again to all of my sweet friends who sent me LUSH products over the past month! They have been a HUGE part of my hygiene routine lately :)~NYX Eye Shadow Base: This skin-colored primer is great for canceling out redness or covering up veins on the lids.                       ~Physicians Formula concealer duo: The yellow side of this concealer is great for adding TONS of brightness to the under eye area. I use this when I know I will be taking pictures.                          ~Revlon Lip Butters "Creme Brûlée" and "Red Velvet": The nude color is becoming one of my all time favorite colors for everyday and night-time wear, and the deep red color is gorgeous and has just the right texture to feel and look really wearable!                                                                                             ~LUSH "It's Raining Men": This stuff smells amazing, and I use it to wash my daughter's hair so I can enjoy the fragrance every time I smell her cute little head :)
<3 Emily                                                                                                                                                     

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